Thanks for checking out my website! Six AM Comics is the portfolio & blog of me, Mark Marianelli. I'm an illustrator from the great town of Derry, NH who has since packed his bags and moved on down to God's country in Fort Worth, TX with his wife and herd of children.

The name Six AM Comics came about when my friends and I would stay up all night working on dumb movies and comic strips and wouldn't call it quits until the sun came out. I now carry on the tradition of many sadistic artists who get their creative energy at weird hours of the night and don't take a break until it's officially too late to get a good night's rest. Who am I kidding, I'm a loving husband and father of 3, it's not by choice that I stay up all night, I'm just not allowed to draw until everybody's in bed.

I'm rambling. You'll see a lot of that as you peruse through my blog. There you'll find the usual generic updates about this site and what I'm working on, but also long torturous posts about my experiences as a father.

Or, if dadding isn't your thing (bless your heart), there's a number of other topics you can read about... Or you can just check out my artwork, we all know you're not here to read the ramblings of a sleep-deprived old dad.

Would you like to contact me?

You can totally contact me! I'm easily accessible on both Instagram and Twitter.

Whether for commissions or just to say hey, reach out and drop me a line, I'm a friendly guy(ish). I'm an artist, so I procrastinate a lot - don't be offended if it takes me a day or two... or 10 or 12 to get back to you.

In Conclusion

I'm just a dad who likes to draw and write about his kids. If you like doodles, parenting, or just want to browse a site free of politics and full of nonsense, you'll find a nice home here at Six AM Comics with your ol' pal Mark!